Testimonials & Achievements

“Well Jo … I just did a walk through … and wow … amazing. I cannot believe how much you have me pegged … I love it all! I would not have made my home look so beautiful without you. I don’t know if you remember this or not, but when I first met you, and then told you we decided to buy a new house, and you came for the first time, I said to you something like ” I want people to say WOW …. I want to love my house!” Well, you have definitely have done that, and even more. From the bottom of heart, THANK YOU!!”

— The Ward family!

I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you so much for your time yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed and deflated thinking that the design challenges in our home couldn’t be solved. 
Not only were you a breath of fresh air, your sunny disposition was infectious! You creatively and practically made suggestions that now we can tackle. I think that’s what I appreciate about you the most, you didn’t have crazy unrealistic, EXPENSIVE idea’s. We’re a family with two small children and need our home to be trendy but also practical. You zeroed in on my taste in but a matter of moments and I just loved everyone of your recommendations. I am now excited and looking forward to making those changes. I am so glad to have met you, I’ve already spoke to dozens of friends who were awaiting my feedback, I’ve joined the facebook group and won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I can.”

— Kinds regards, Candice, Jamie, Zoe & Zachary

“I had previously listed my house with some minor staging not including the bedrooms. At that time some prospective clients had looked at the bedrooms and commented that they did not see how the bedrooms could hold furniture, and I did not get offers. Also the prospective clients were then focused on the some negative aspects of this house. The danger here was that if the house would be on the market for too long, other prospective buyers would think that then maybe there was something wrong with the house. After some improvements and staging, I had an offer 4 days after my house went on MLS. Most prospective house buyers do not have the ability to visualize space unless it is presented to them with some furniture and décor. Unfortunately many folks have a “herd mentality”. I really now believe that staging a house is a necessity for quick and successful sale. Your company did a great job in staging my house. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.”

— Sincerely John L.