Jo Alcorn

Founder / CEO / Principal Designer


With an impressive career spanning over 17 years, Jo Alcorn has established herself as a renowned celebrity interior and home product designer. As a corporate ambassador, TV personality, and successful female entrepreneur, Jo has garnered a devoted fan base for her clean and functional designs. Adding to her credentials, she also serves as a style editor and writer for various publications and blogs, a captivating public speaker, and a passionate advocate for animal and environmental causes.

Jo's exceptional talent and passion for design have been showcased on esteemed platforms such as HGTV, Discovery Channel, Marilyn Denis, CBC's Steven & Chris, and morning shows across Canada. She has also been recognized as a design expert by numerous global design publications and blogs.

One of Jo Alcorn's most fulfilling endeavors has been the creation of her own signature collection. This venture has blossomed into a comprehensive home product line, featuring pillows, bedding, furniture, lighting, and a newly launched charitable pet collection called PET LOVE 4 CHARITY. Through her collection, Jo continues to inspire and bring her unique design aesthetic to homes worldwide.

Steven Bigger (aka "Big")

General Contractor / VP of Alcorn Build


With over 15 years of experience in construction, including expertise in framing, roofing, and custom house building, Big has honed his skills as a general contractor. "If there's a task I'm not familiar with, rest assured that I have an extensive network of trusted professionals who can handle it." Building a strong team of skilled tradespeople has been a priority for him, ensuring that Alcorn Build can successfully complete any project that comes his way.

Contact Big for a quote or to join our team: 519/938/7318 -

Isadora F

Design Assistant


Design extraordinary, attention to detail, organized and passionate to learn!

Humber College graduate plus Engineer Degree from Brazil.




Social Media Manager:

EVELYN | Social and Lattes

Shop Team:

Behind the scenes at our product warehouse is a dedicated team working on your orders - Helen, Pauline, John, Rob and more!

Our company is comprised of talented and determined individuals who strive to bring our clients the image and vision they have dreamed about.