Cleaning Care for Alcorn Pillows / Dog Beds / Bedding Allergy Control System

Alcorn handcrafted designer pillows/bedding are not like any other product that you simply put on the bed and wait for them to wear out. These extraordinary commercial quality pillows and blankets with their unique fiber filling, have proven to last several years longer than any other pillow/blanket.

If you give a little “tender loving care”, your pillows/blankets will always give you and your guests the comfort and support you deserve for a very long time.    



Routine Care

Occasionally pillows/blankets can be reflufffed in a tumble dryer at the WARM or PERMANENT PRESS setting for 10 minutes.

For optimum product life and maximum comfort, products should be refluffed daily by:

      1) Grasp opposite ends of the product with both hands and vigorously shake it back and forth up &  down.

      2) Grasp the other 2 sides of the product and repeat step 1.

      3) For pillows, pat into a high crown shape with your hands as necessary.



All commercial and home laundry detergents are approved for use as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

Machine Washing:

Wash separately, at WARM or PERMANENT PRESS setting. Always balance the load. For best results, use a front loading washer.

Machine Drying:

Tumble dry at PERMANENT PRESS setting. Note: Pillows may take a few hours to dry depending on your machine. For additional agitation, place clean tennis balls in with pillows. Maintain dry cycle until the pillows are light and fluffy. If necessary, air dry, (cool down) for an additional thirty to sixty (30-60) minutes, depending on your equipment. NEVER leave your pillows or blankets in a dormant dryer after the drying cycle is over. Use the cool - down cycle, or remove the article(s) immediately from the dryer.
* Alcorn Home retains the right to dispute a damaged item if it is deemed that the proper care and laundering instructions were not followed.