Bathroom Make Over that TURNS THE HEAT UP …


This has undoubtedly been a year of “expect the unexpected,” so when I went to tackle this dated bathroom, I wanted to do the unexpected! I wanted clever technology, unexpected luxuries and smart features.



This bathroom was an 80s original. It was dated, had low counters, blue tiles, vinyl flooring, a small dark shower and lacked storage. The space was great size-wise but underutilized, so it needed a complete gut job! We tore everything out and started fresh. 


after photo of bathroom reno, jo alcorn designs

I added in a large free-standing marble tiled shower with all black trim and accessories. Which was once a small tub and shower combo half the size it is now with a drop ceiling. It opened up the space visually, and modernized the bathroom for that master bathroom wow factor.

corner bathtub, jo alcorn designs 

There was an empty corner across from the shower that was in desperate need for a free-standing soakers tub. For years, I have always dreamed of designing in an electric fireplace in a bathroom, and this was finally my chance above the bathtub!


electric fireplace

If you decide to install an electric fireplace in a bathroom, it takes a bit of planning. One thing to keep in mind, ensure the unit is far enough away from water sources yet close enough to enjoy. In designing this bathroom, I could envision the homeowner using this gorgeous free-standing tub, switching on the fireplace, and enjoying a glass of wine after a long day. I went with a Dimplex Prism 34” Wall mount with Acrylic Ember Bed the fireplace  gave me the ambiance I was looking for with a prism flame effect illuminating the diamond-like embers adding a deep richness and warmth to the space. It’s set back in the wall, over the tub (at a safe distance) to create a spa-like feel that any homeowner would want.

marble shower, jo alcorn designs

For this space, I went for a more traditional style for the design. I leaned towards the gray colour tones as resale was discussed so I wanted something that would work with the general public taste. However, I still wanted to bring in the bling with finishes like the marble tiles in the shower and the modern black faucets throughout.

bathroom vanity

This bathroom was initially dark due to lack of lighting, I opted to add more lighting above the vanity, added pot lights and the coolest chandelier above the tub.

bathroom design, jo alcorn designs

Another design tip that people often forget is dimmers in the bathroom. When you fill that tub with bubbles, dial down those beautiful lights with a dimmer, turn the fireplace on, and you have an instant escape.




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