Turn unused space into a Home Office!

Working or learning from home is here to stay, so it seems for a while still. With space being tight in our homes I’m encouraging families to come up with unique areas that can be turned into work nooks for office workers or school aged kids alike.
home office ideas, jo alcorn
I recently turned this small cubby into a gorgeous office that almost anyone would want to work in. The space is only six feet by seven feet wide (the size of a walk-in closet). These days it’s important to get creative with every inch of our homes - and we sure did with this room!

small office, jo alcorn designs

Here are my tips on creating a cozy office nook in your home.

Creative Corners: Don’t dismiss any small corner of your home! This space was actually in the homeowner’s furnace room. The ceiling is partly exposed, the floors were raw concrete, yet I could envision how cute this small area could be! Think of spots that you are not utilizing to its full capacity - a closet, a corner in a larger room, almost any space can be turned into a nook for home office use.

small home office in closet

Get Vertical: I really wanted to make an impact in this tiny zone and needed a showstopper. I found this gorgeous and unique wall treatment from Metrie. It’s a 3D wall paneling made from repurposed solid Teak wood. Installation was fast and easy thanks to the interlocking design and mesh-backing of the panels. I also added a Masonite Logan barn door from Metrie to help reduce noise and provide privacy for the office.

wood wall detailing, jo alcorn

Home offices and Hackers:
Technology is a given when creating a workspace, however something I never used to think of when designing an office was security. People working from home and kids learning virtually, software security is now something on the top of our minds. To keep our kids and our work information safe it’s imperative to keep our devices safe and secure. I love that ESET Home office anti-virus protection protects all my families’ devices. One ESET package protects up to 10 devices so ipads, iphones and computer can all be safe and secure from ransomware, hackers and also helps protect passwords. In a world full of worry it’s nice to know my work and my family’s devices will be a safe online space.

Eset company security software, home office

Finishing Flares – Since the space was so small, I really wanted to make it cozy and impactful with touches that would stand out decoratively as well as being be practical. I shopped for all things décor at Homesense.

home office decor, jo alcorn
From a beautiful rug to bring in some cozy underfoot feels to artwork and practical calendars and bulletin boards. I was truly able to find everything I needed to make this office space one that everyone in the house would want to be in!

home office decor ideas jo alcorn

Have fun working from your new space! 


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