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 I am pretty excited to be launching my latest love – a tiny space that I have been working on for my parents that I’ll be revealing at the Backyard Living Expo this year! I’ll be at the show on Saturday, March 30 at Noon and Sunday, March 31 at 2pm. Come join me and tour my latest design! http://www.thebackyardlivingexpo.com/expo-details/speakers/




5th wheel trailer makeover 
This year I decided to jump on the Tiny Home trend and worked with my parents to remodel an old 5th Wheel Trailer. With lots of bumps in the road, we finally created a space worthy of a full-time residence. BEFORE IMAGE
5th wheel trailer before


My first tip when working on any design project – big OR small -  is to take pleasure in the prep-work. Everyone wants to jump to the pretty after shots but what clients might not realize is that the prep work will create a foundation for success in any design project. If you skip some of the mundane prep work, your space won’t thrive. First things first! Being over 15 years old, and being stored in damp, dark locations for years, we wanted to ensure the mobile home was in tip-top shape and housed no health hazards. Once we ripped it apart, we found water damage that we all know leads to mold. We turned to Concrobium Mold Control.  It contains no bleach or harsh chemicals, kills mold at the root and prevents it from coming back.  And to keep the inside moisture free, I use Concrobium Moisture Grabbers humidity absorbing pouches.  They’re great for keeping mold-causing moisture locked away whether your RV is on the road or in the driveway.


Then came the surface clean. I chose Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. I love that they are formulated with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen materials to create products that are powerful against dirt and grime, but they also contain no chlorine bleach, petroleum or parabens. I love this as my pets and nieces and nephews will be enjoying the space as well.  



Once the space was spic and span, the fun began – choosing a colour scheme. Because of weight restrictions, sizing and installation restrictions, we had to think differently about how we’d approach this makeover. Instead of installing new cupboards, we opted to have them sprayed. We worked with a great company called InSPRAYtional Painting who specialize in spraying out old cupboards to bring them back to life. We chose two colours from Benjamin Moore: Chantilly Lace OC-65 for the uppers and Mount Saint Anne CC-710 for the lowers, both in Aura Interior Paint in Eggshell finish. I chose a two-tone approach for the cabinets to give the space more interest, impact and depth. 


In a home that’s on wheels, you have to think about how much things weigh. I had to choose tile and flooring that was non-tradition and lighter in weight. I wanted to give the space a glamorous update but had to be creative when it came to the materials used. I opted for NEUE Floors which is an engineered hardwood plank that is lighter in weight than traditional hardwood and has better expansion and contraction attributes. With all the movement stresses during road travel, it’s better to have a floor that flexes. 
I also wanted to update the tiny kitchen’s backsplash, but traditional tile was not an option as they’d simply break and crack when the mobile home hit the highway. I chose a product called The Good Tile who offer a bold wallpaper and luxury vinyl tile options that are easy to install and have no risk of breaking.


Next, I wanted to add architectural detail by adding faux beams to the ceiling (not something you’d expect in a mobile home right?). I worked with Metrie which offers a high-end, finely crafted solid wood and composite moulding and interior doors. For the ceiling beams I used flat stock and I was also able to choose Masonite Lincoln Park moulded panel doors from Metrie. I selected hollow core doors as they don’t have too much weight to them but are extremely well made.
 I hope you can join me at the Backyard Living Expo to see this Tiny Home. Great designs are for everyone, everywhere - even tiny spaces!
Come on out and tour the Trailer Friday to Sunday! 

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  • Tracey, most painting companies do stray style painting and they will wrap everything. The floor was put in after so we were not worried about that being sprayed. Sorry I don’t have a company in your area that I refer you too. Best of Luck!

    Jo Alcorn on
  • Love this makeover, I have a 2008 travel trailer I’m considering updating. Can you clarify how the interior was painted? Did the company come in, mask everything and they spray all of it? That is the part that I am not sure I can tackle myself, but also not sure how to find a company that might do this locally (San Diego area)? Would auto body painters be a good start? Thanks!

    Tracey on
  • Thank You Carrie! The sofa is a modular sofa found on Wayfair sorry we don’t have the information anymore, cow hide rug was find from Home Sense!

    Jo Alcorn on
  • I just found the YouTube video of your remodel and this link for products used. I absolutely loved your remodel! Can you please let us know where you got the couch along with the name or model number and where you got what looks like a cow print rug and chairs for the table?

    Carrie on

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