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The living room was in fine shape it was dated and tired looking especially since renovating my kitchen that was now open to the space, it was in need of some love.

New floors where a must and I wanted to light, modern with a Scandinavian look to them. I found exactly what I was desiring at Neue Flooring.

I have white dogs so having light floors and furniture makes me look like a better housekeeper. 

I love the natural light that comes an wanted to keep everything white, fresh, and cleaned lined. 

The space is 14’ wide so making sure I had the right size of furniture was important so that I could have certain zones and enough sitting for any occasion. The dining table was custom made to a smaller width to fit perfectly into the space. The low profile on the apartment size furniture also help the illusion of making the space/zones feel more spacish.

I love good sectional sofa, for a few reason, it utilizes the wasted corner space, especially in smaller spaces every inch counts. It create more sitting, anchors a room giving definition to a zone. On top of that it keep a small space functioning to it fullest so that you can offer enough sitting for an occasion. Jo Alcorn – Alcorn Home Velvet sectional

I love the ambience that a fire presents in a space, however my gas fireplace I couldn’t have on all the time throughout the year let alone I could never have it on long in the winter without getting to hot and then shutting of the furnace to the rest of the house. So electric was a great solution. Plus if I had a gas fireplace I wasn’t able to obtain that streamline look as I would have to have mantle to protect the TV from the heat. The electric fireplace insert aloud me to eliminate the mantel and still have the TV above. The other great part of the electric insert I used was that it slid right into the existing caved of the gas insert, which made it easy to install and keep the cost down on labour. The other thing is with an electric fireplace you can have it anywhere in your house. Gas you are usually limited on where you place it. So you have more flexibility with your design concept, which is always welcomed by designers. Dimplex Fireplace

I carried the floors up the fireplace wall to keep with the streamline look, also there was a lot of materials/textures already in the space and by adding another would be overwhelming and distract form the calm feeling I was trying to accomplish. 

Top down bottom up blinds was a great solution to helping with privacy from the street below but still allowed me to keep the light and view streaming in. Budget Blinds Creative Solutions

Durability is a must with my busy life so the materials I choose from the floor to the sofa fabric to even the fully washable handcrafted designer pillows from my collection was a must. And then matching the fully washable handcrafted dog bed with the pillows just continued the streamline look.

This living room wouldn't be complete without the conversational art pieces that Ii commissioned out to Pam Mayhew Studio's to show off the furry loved one who occupy the space the most! 

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