It’s Vacation Time … but with a Twist!

It has been a long, long year, and who doesn’t want (and need!) a getaway? However, a vacation is not likely to happen any time soon (SNIFF). So, create your own vacation hot spot in your very own yard! With a few simple updates and budget friendly purchases, you can create a few fun, stay-cation zones for memories that will outlast COVID!

First, as I always say, determine how you want to use your space to make the most of it. In my case, I wanted to create a fun, camping-style space that I could use with three little ones, on the fly, no driving required, to give us all some special summer memories. Having a little get-away zone, with all the comforts of home on the other side of the door, is my idea of perfect “glamping”!

backyard campingI started with the clean-up. After a long winter, and now more than ever, it is important to do thorough clean-ups. I turned to Bounty since it’s a brand I know and trust … it’s called the “quicker picker upper” for a reason!  Using Bounty paper towels means you never have to worry about cross contaminating surfaces as you wipe up, it works great and is hygienic. Just use a fresh sheet as you change areas and so there’s no transfer of mess from one area to another.

kid spills

Then, the build! We decided to turn our newly cleaned patio area into a camping zone – complete with a tent, cooler and cook system. The outdoors is calling and Coleman has everything you need at very reasonable prices to fully outfit you for a camping trips, or in my case, a home camping experience. From tents to coolers, water-wear to totes, Coleman has everything you need for outdoor summer fun and is readily available in a variety of options and sizes to fit all your family’s needs.

camping bbq

First the tent – we choose a Coleman 6-person darkroom tent so the three little ones and I could get in there together. These tents aren’t like tents of years gone by. This darkroom version blocks 98.5% of sunlight to keep the tent darker if you want to sleep while the sun is up, and it also reduces how much the tent heats up during the day by up to 11.4%. Even better, the Fast Pitch system with pre-attached, colour-coded poles reduces set-up by up to 50%. Finally, it has an ePort so we were able to run an extension cord inside easily, and easy and compact pack-down at the end of the season (or if we want a change of location) makes for easy storage in its own carry bag.

fun activities to do with the kids

Whether you’re able to get into a camping spot this year, or creating your own home camping experience, like we did, the most important thing is to make fun, happy memories you’ll have for a lifetime. I can hear it now, “Remember the time we made a campsite on the patio and …… happened?!” What will your family be saying about your summer in the years to come?

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