What is in Jo Alcorn Pillows/Beds/ Bedding?

We use a Stamina Fibre that we call natures clone because it is the closest thing to a synthetic down. StaminaFibre™ is a unique, patented filler with all the well-known advantages of down and none of its drawbacks.  StaminaFibre is a true down alternative. 


Are the Pillows/Beds/Bedding Washable?

The only pillow, dog bed and bedding on the market that is designed to be washed frequently.  StaminaFibre will out-last most other products on the market.  We recommend you wash your pillows, dog beds and bedding once a month.


What is The fiber used in the Pillows/Beds/Bedding Made of?

StaminaFibre is a proprietary blend of polyethylene and polypropylene, which is then processed through our custom-made Hammermill machine which gives StaminaFibre the feel and performance of Down.


Where are Jo Alcorn Products Made?

Our products are at two different locations in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


What is the Guarantee?

Our pillows/beds/bedding are guaranteed to return to the original shape after washing.  We will replace your product at no charge should your pillow fail to recover after washing.  The Jo Alcorn Collection are the only truly washable products on the market.


Why Should I Buy A Jo Alcorn Washable Piece?

Unlike down, the Fibre is a cruelty free true down alternative.

The Fibre is made for those who prefer pillows with down-like softness

Softness closest to the finest quality down feathers, but without the allergens

Soft yet resilient and with a better bounce for ultimate comfort

Highly mouldable and fluffable. Our superior blend provides the best support for the head

Suitable for those who suffers from back pain & neck stiffness

Excellent lasting loft, even with frequent washing

Hypoallergenic and suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers and children.

Many factors influence our sleep but two of the most important factors are what we rest our heads on and what we cover ourselves with. A pillow must be soft, yet provide adequate support for the head and neck; and a duvet must be light, yet warm. Many people seem to think that this kind of comfort is only possible with down.

From within, our fibre bridges the comfort gap between natural and synthetic, creating innovative and comfortable solutions for bedding, body support, decorative pillows and upholstery cushions.

Many factors influence our sleep and comfortable within the home but two of the most important factors are what we rest our heads on and what we cover ourselves with. A pillow must be soft, yet provide adequate support for the head and neck; and a duvet must be light, yet warm. Many people seem to think that this kind of comfort is only possible with down.


How are the frames made?

An Engineered inter-lock frame is used. Structural strength is a must so this style of frame has vertical part construction, solid side panels, modulus of elasticity, minimum number of joints which decreases joint failure, I-Beam construction, oriented stran board with extra strength made exclusively with hardwoods. As well the frames had temperature variance to help eliminate problems that can occur with temperature and humidity change, no warping, bowing, twisting and splitting. 


What kind of springs and coil are used in the furniture?

Our standard seating is made up of heavy gauge no sag springs. Each spring is spaced no more than 4" apart and linked together laterally so they work in concert to provide a consistent seat. To ensure an even seating at the edges of the sofa we use 2 heavier gauge springs spaced 2" apart.

For the ultimate in long lasting comfort we offer the traditional eight way hand tied web & coil seating. In this time honoured method, heavy duty coil springs are tied by hand in a web with eight knots per spring linking each spring to the next. This method relieves stress on critical points in the frame ensuring unrivaled quality comfort and longevity.


Are your pieces made when ordered?

All of our furniture is bench made and each piece of furniture is upholstered by the hands of one artisan from start to completion.  Our craftsmen work on one piece at a time and take great pride in their work.  Fine upholstery is an art form that is developed and acquired over years of training and experience.  Much like a well tailored suit, fine upholstery is in the finer details and can only be appreciated by discerning eyes.


Furniture Details/Warranty:

The Jo Alcorn Furniture Collection is proudly made in Canada. The Frame is made up of a combination of hardwood and engineered wood to give it added strength and durability. The modular design of the frame also enables it to be made in a very efficient and streamline manner. The modular construction nature of the design also means that it can be easily taken apart and put back to together to fit through those tight spaces should that present a problem.

The frames are sprung with high quality Sinous Spring system that ensures durability and comfort for the products life span.  All of the collections is sewn to be tailor fitted and upholstered using traditional methods of upholstery for a clean and tailored look.

All of the seat cushions are fill with the Ecocell high density soy based foam and wrapped with a layer of Dacron fiber for added softness. At 2lbs per cubic foot, Ecocell exceeds what is conventionally used by most furniture manufactures and will provide long lasting comfort and support. All back cushions are filled with a high quality Cluster Fiber enclosed in a channeled casing to maintain structure.

Furniture Warranty

Frame & Springs               10 years limited warranty

                                       Frames are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing & material defects

                                       For up to 10 years on a pro-rated basis, from the date of purchase

Cushions                          Cushions attached to the furniture pieces are warranted against excessive loss of                                                  resiliency for up to 5 years on a pro-rated basis, from the date of purchase.

Stitching & Upholstery      1 year limited warranty

                                       All seams and zippers are warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship                                            under normal use.

Fabrics                             All fabrics are warranted for up to 1 year against seam slippage, fraying, dye transfer,                                            provided that the cleaning and care of the fabric complies with recommended cleaning                                            closes based on industry standards. The warranty does not cover regular wearing, fading,                                        wrinkling, fading, pilling or fabric that has been treated with any stain or water repellent                                        products.

Lead time for furniture:

4-6 weeks for Canadians and dependent on location. Due to duties/shipping across the boarder estimated time for U.S.A  5-7 weeks.