Tiny Bathroom Challenges & Solutions

The two rooms I am asked to work on time and time again are kitchens and bathrooms.

Bathrooms in older homes and some builder homes are often tiny and poorly laid out.

In a small space, I tend to lean towards lighter colours to help open up the space. I often choose


to freshen it up and make it as light as possible.

I also recommend sticking to primarily white accessories and some funky accent pieces in blues and greys to accent the space;


is a great source for fresh, light and affordable accessories and linens.

I love maximizing space by choosing a vanity that has storage, especially if it’s a guest bathroom or main bathroom where you might want to tuck things out of sight. This vanity in a shade called Morning Dew is from


and can be found at Lowe’s (I love that you can get it at a big box store but it really has a boutique feel).

The faucet is really the jewel of any bathroom that finishes off the space just right. This is a perfect place to splurge. I love


 options for a sleek and modern option that commands attention.

Heated floors are a luxury I like to add to any rooms with tile or engineered hardwood. It’s economical in a small bathroom and can act as your primary source of heat. In this setting I used


 mats which are standard and delivered in no time.

Finally, a product I have been in love with lately: plank flooring. I recently used


planks in style called Tivoli. While modern, it’s also warm and homey. It’s easy to maintain, durable and attractive option for any space, and ideal for this one. With the warmth radiating from this flooring, it will warm more than just your feet!

Small spaces can be a challenge, but when you work from a healthy base, even the smallest of spaces can become a functional and elegant area you are happy to spend time in. Go on, glam up your small space!

Until next time,

w&c designer girl!